The purpose of this demonstration is to allow hands-on experience on Knowledge Graph databases by executing SPARQL queries side-by-side with their SQL counterparts. It is a learning by example experience, as per the one below.


Azure Data Studio


The aim of this article is to introduce the Northwind and AdventureWorks sample databases to the community as a valuable resource to work on development of feature proposals for new versions of SPARQL, as well as introduce a preliminary list of proposed features.

These databases can be easily set up on SQL Server by following the instructions in the Setting up the sample databases on SQL Server section of the Northwind SQL vs SPARQL article.

RDF Triplestore versions of the Northwind database have also been made available, which can be used to validate new features once they have been implemented…

This demonstration contains some basic queries and tools to help you exploring an RDF Graph Database. It includes features of Stardog* and GraphDB* to:

  • Search and browse classes and properties.
  • Explore connections in the data and visualise query results graphically as nodes and edges.
  • Visualize schemas and relationships.

* “These semantic technologies are the core technologies for any Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG)”

To be able to run the queries in this demonstration, you will need to set up the Northwind RDF graph database on your local machine. …


This demonstration focuses on clarifying how SPARQL behaves in Stardog* and GraphDB* when querying data across multiple graphs in a database.

* “These semantic technologies are the core technologies for any Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG)”

The RDF data model expresses information as graphs consisting of triples with subject, predicate, and object. Many RDF data stores hold multiple RDF graphs and record information about each graph, allowing an application to make queries that involve information from more than one graph.

A SPARQL query is executed against an RDF Dataset which represents a collection of graphs defined as:

  • One default graph, which…

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